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epic software Creates Waterway Fly-Through

The Woodlands, Texas - May 12, 2000 - When The Woodlands Operating Company L.P. needed a tool to help prospective tenants, residents and the press understand their vision for the new Waterway project, they didn't need to hire a Hollywood special effects company to get the job done. "We found a company literally down the street that specializes in 3D animation and architectural simulations," said Ted Washington, Manager of Visual Communications for The Woodlands Operating Company. Last…

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Children’s Books - Go Hi Tech

The Woodlands, Texas - August 1, 1998 - The world of children's literature may never be the same after August 1, 1998. That is when Houston based Jamsa Press plans to release its first interactive title - Happy and Max - Locked in the Attic. Dr. Kris Jamsa, the founder and President of Jamsa Press explains why - "The Happy and Max series of books features state-of-the-art 3D graphics along with a multimedia CD-ROM that works in a PC, a Mac, or in an audio CD player." "In addition,"…

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