Hughes Christensen


Hughes Christensen is a division of the Baker Hughes Company, a large oil field services company in Houston, Texas.  Hughes Christensen introduced the two-cone drill bit in 1909 followed twenty-four years later by the first Tricone™ (three-cone drill bit) which has been enhanced over the years but remains the industry standard.  The company also produces PDC (diamond) bits and has invested more in R& D, received more patents, and has had more drill bit firsts than any other manufacturer. Their technology allows bits to drill faster, stay in longer, and lowers the cost-per-foot drilled.

More recently, the company developed a new technology designed to increase the life of a drill bit.  Max Lifetm is a patent-pending technology that features weld pads in between the heel teeth instead of tungsten carbide inserts. This innovation prevents cuttings from wearing into the cone steel.  The company had developed a PowerPoint presentation to demonstrate the key features and benefits of Max Life, but after viewing it, they felt that the presentation would be more effective if it were an animated video.  Hughes Christensen contacted epic to help them showcase Fast Max.


  • epic met with the Marketing and Engineering departments at Hughes Christensen and distilled the key information from the PowerPoint presentation into a multimedia script.
  • The script called for custom photography, 2D and 3D animation along with voice narration, music and sound effects.
  • It was decided that a character name "MAX" would represent the driller and demonstrate just how Fast Max could be used to penetrate even the most challenging formations.


  • epic worked with Hughes Christensen to develop a 5 minute script for the new presentation.
  • epic shot custom photography at the Hughes Christensen manufacturing plant in The Woodlands, Texas.
  • epic designed, animated and created the Driller character named Max.
  • epic created all of the technical 3D animations for the presentation.
  • Over a four week period, epic produced the Fast Max multimedia presentation which was used by the company's sales people for client demonstrations.

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Max 0223 large

Maxlife bit large