HARC Gas Processing Plant


(Note - Large File - May take a minute to load)

When the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) challenged us to create a working production pad site so a trainee could experience the environment first hand, we jumped to the challenge.  In the past, we would have used Flash to create this application, but new, more powerful tools have replaced it.  Our favorite is Unity 3D, and game development engine used to build many of the world’s most popular video games.

Using video footage and photos from actual pad sites, the artists, animators and programmers at epic recreated everything you would find there.  Want to take a closer look – here’s how:

  • Use your mouse to look around the scene
  • Use the arrow keys or WASD on your keyboard to move forward, backwards, or to the right or left.
  • As you move around the production pad site, you will notice that some of the equipment glows.  Click on it and you can read all about that specific piece of equipment.