Ground Plumbing - Installing the Water and Wastewater Piping Systems

December 9, 2010 - Before we could pour the second part of the foundation, the piping systems would need to be installed for both the water and waste water systems. We received two bids and went with the Triton Plumbing based on the recommendation from our contractor. Triton's bid was itemized and comprised of prices for a ground system, and prices for the plumbing work needed for the finished system. 

The Triton Plumbing crew arrived late in the afternoon with a trencher and the materials needed for the system.  The worked into the early evening roughing in the plumbing lines.  When they were finished, I called over to the local MUD office to see if we could have an inspector come out to insure it met all codes. South Montgomery County MUD sent out an inspector the following afternoon.  The inspector noticed that the cold and hot water lines were not far enough apart and when they crossed each other, they did not have the required 16" of space between them.  I contacted David Ybarra to let him know we would need to reroute some lines.

David was very responsive, and came back the next day with his crew who rerouted the lines.  We took pictures and sent them to the local MUD office. The County Engineer asked for another set of drawings signed by our Engineer showing the modified design.  We submitted the drawings to our engineer for his review. We now felt confident to give the foundation contractor the green light to complete the second pour of the foundation. 

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