The year is 2052. The world political infrastructure has collapsed. Governments have been replaced by huge media networks. The networks dominate all aspects of life. Commerce, learning, teaching, entertainment... everything is regulated and distributed by omnipresent networks. The internet has taken over the world." Unfortunately, one really bad character has taken over the internet. He (and he alone) will determine what information is dispersed and to whom. But a band of freedom fighters known as "Glitches" vow to disrupt the network and bring freedom back. This is the premise for GLITCH, and in this trailer you can see some of our key characters. Alex - hotter than a pistol with a temper to match. Tilt - an overgrown giant of a man with a soft spot in his heart. And Krog, the leader of the V-droids, an army of bots programmed to eradicate any GLITCH on site.