Getting the epic Creative Co-Op ready for Leasing

November 13, 2011 - We are making great progress on checking off the items on our punch list, and this week we worked on organizing the building. Now that we have a concrete floor under the ramp, we were able to move the Silver Rock utility trailer out of the studio and into this secure area. We also cleaned up in and around the building, getting our tools and materials organized. It is important from time to time, to stop and organize the site. Soon, we will start to formally show the building and look to lease out the remaining spaces.

We continued work on the summer kitchen, and got the plumbing installed and working. We added concrete pavers in front and to one side of the counter, and painted both the inside and outside of walls.  Next week, we will add a footrest (a 2" OD steel pipe) to the front wall of the summer kitchen, and finish trimming it out.

I visited Southwest Building Products and picked up a small sample of FuzeGlass counter top material. This product is really amazing. It is lighter than I expected, and the imbedded glass really bring the surface to life. Next week we will detail the installation of this low carbon cement and recycled glass product.

We continued to add trim to those parts of the building that need it - mainly around some doors and eve areas. With some luck, we will have the building completely trimmed out by the end of next week.

We have a pile of scrap iron from the job, and I called over to several recycling yards around town to see what it is worth. It seems like $0.11/pound is the going rate, and we have about 2 pick-up loads that we will haul off at the end of the job.

Although we have not advertised the building for rent, we have had a number of folks interested in leasing it. Most are friends, or people who have just passed the building, and stopped in to take a look. I don't think we will have any trouble leasing the units, but we are looking to rent the spaces available to other creative companies allied to our core business. In some cases, these businesses may overlap our work, but that is OK. We are looking to build a "one stop shop" for clients that need all kinds of production services.

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