Foundation Prep and Dirt Work Begin on the epic Creative Co-Op

November 24, 2010 - Over the past few days, Mr. Brooks completed most of the dirt work on the pad site with the help of his Ford (New Holland) 60hp tractor with 8' box blade.  The tractor is 11 years old, but you would not know it by looking a it.  He also has a ten year old Bob-Cat Skid loader with tracks that look new as well.  "No one but me uses any of my equipment" he said "and that's why they look like they do".

The north part of the pad where the building will go is about 3 feet higher than the south side.  This required quite a bit of dirt to be moved around.  He began his work by removing all of the topsoil and roots that remained from the initial removal of over 28 trees and lots of underbrush. Luckily, the dirt below the topsoil was good, and it would not require us to bring in any select fill. It also meant we would not have to truck any dirt to the back of the property. This will save us some time and money in the next phase of the project - setting the piers and forming up the foundation walls.

Over the weekend a truck arrived with a load of lumber, steel re-bar, and other materials that would be needed for the foundation.  Sebastian and his helper built a pair of workhorses, and began the job of cutting the re-bar to length, and assembling the 29 reinforcing columns that will be centered in each of the holes that will be drilled next week.  At quitting time on Wednesday, they had assembled 18 of the piles.  They also placed the 29 flags where the holes would be drilled.

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