Foundation Framing and Cement Pour - Day 2 - Container Floors

December 10, 2010 - With the plumbing placed properly in the foundation, we were ready to make the second pour. This concrete would be under the containers. We had several discussions as to whether we should even put concrete here (since the beams and footings would actually lend support to the structure. In the end, we made the decision to make the pour and did it the morning of December 10th.

We needed two full trucks, plus about a yard of concrete from a third truck. The weather was perfect for laying concrete and took about 2 hours and proceeded with no problems. The next day the crew returned to remove the forms.  The wood for the forms was purchased for this project, and we will be using it throughout the project for a variety of purposes including the forms for the flat work, shelving and shelving in the attic crawlspace.

The foundation takes about 7 days to cure to the point of being strong enough to begin craning the containers onto it. We used these 7 days to do the prep work required before we can begin that phase of the project.

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