Foundation Framing and Cement Pour - Day 1 - Studio Floor

December 8, 2010 - Yesterday afternoon was beautiful and the foundation crew set the forms for the green screen room. They completed their work on leveling the ground, and put the yellow plastic vapor barrier in place.  Next, they shook out the re bar, and tied it together.  They set the re bar on plastic "chairs" to keep it centered. Overnight it rained and the weather turned cold.  The early morning skys were overcast and it looked like it could start raining any minute.

Everything was ready for the arrival of the first concrete truck (scheduled in at 9:00am). The photos to the right illustrate the pouring and the step-by-step process of finishing the foundation floor.

The pour went well, and we turned our attention to the second part of the foundation - the areas under the containers.  Before we could pour these foundation sections, we would have to set all the plumbing lines for the building.  I called several plumbers and did not have much luck getting them to come out to the site, or if they did come out, follow up with a written bid.  Luckily, Truman and David Cox had requested bids from two plumbing contractors they worked with in the past. 

I met with David Yeberra of Triton Plumbing of Magnolia. He came out to the site and we spent a couple of hours talking over the work we needed for the next day.  David said (more than once) ..."this is not a typical building" and he was willing to spend the extra time needed to get the job done right.  I asked him to break his bid out into "Ground Work" and "Finish Work", since we only needed ground work at this time.  We negotiated a price for the job, and he agreed to return the next day to put the lines in.  In the next blog entry we will tell you how things went with the plumbing and the completion of the slab.

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