Fire Marshal Inspects Building - Carpet Installed - Trim Work Continues

July 30, 2010 - This week we had the Fire Marshal come to the job site for his inspection - and all went well. He toured the building and we had five minor things we needed to correct. They included automatic door closers on all exit doors, weather-stripping around the large studio door, mounting the address signs on the building, installing some missing outlet covers, and adding some signs to the exit doors. We got all of the items corrected, and next week we should have our Certificate of Occupancy. With that, our anchor tenant, Silver Rock Productions, can move in. The timing was perfect since this week we got the carpet installed, the trim work done, and the interior of their space cleaned and ready to go.

We have one major inspection left, and that is for our ADA (American Disability Act) requirements. These code requirements are very specific and are also expensive to comply with.  For example, all handrails need to include grab rails and must be terminated in a very specific way. The interior stairs require that we install kick plates and side guards. The wire rope cables on the ramp must be spaced no more than 4" apart - we can go on for a full page on the many requirements which have added additional cost to the building with little or no benefits.

Next week we will finish working on the metal wall we are installing around the ramp. The steel for this wall comes from the steel we cut from the common interior walls of the container back in January. Enclosing the ramp will result in a great storage area for the tenants of the building with very small construction costs. On Monday we will order the additional steel needed for the stairs in the rear of the building, and the interior handrails of the ramp.

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