Fire Clean Up Work Ends - Reconstruction Begins

February 10, 2012 - Blackman Mooring completed their work on cleaning the interior of the building and they did a fantastic job. Every inch of the exposed walls and rafters were wiped down with chemical sponges, vacuumed, ozone treated and 2 dumpster loads of debris were carted off. Just a week after the fire started, the only place that smelled like smoke was the studio, and that is only when you get close to the source of the fire. I am confident that once the burned studs are removed, and the studio put back together, you will be hard pressed to know there was ever a fire here in the first place.

The only damage to the interior of the 11 containers was some paint that was burned in container #11. The fireman cut the container with a steel saw, and we welded the piece back in place this week. A couple coats of paint and we are back in business. With the clean-up work completed, we turned our attention to the rebuilding work that will be with us for the next few weeks.

While waiting on the insurance company to issue a check for the repairs to begin, we picked up on those items that had remained on the punch list the day of the fire. We leased Unit #4 to Inspectioneering Journal who were scheduled to move in on February 1, but graciously offered to push it back a month to allow us to get the major construction work out of the way. In their unit we had put down a wood floor on a Thursday, and ripped it out after it was water damaged a day later. It was a shame to see all that beautiful wood being loaded into a dumpster and carted off to a landfill. We finished the installation of the HVAC unit, put up a sliding door, ran cabling, and installed some lighting fixtures in their unit as well. We will get our replacement flooring from LoomCraft Carpets in Spring. Once the new flooring is installed we will be finished with Unit #4.

Since we were not able to work in the studio, we turned our attention to the outdoor kitchen. We got the profiling materials from, an online store that specializes in Applied Diamond Tools. Their mission is " provide high quality diamond tools to fabricator at fastest speed, lowest cost and most reliable quality", and these folks deliver.  While their prices are excellent, it is their personalized customer service that set them apart from other online tool sellers. In our next blog entry, we will take you through the step by step process of profiling a man-made granite countertop.

Next week the real construction begins. We will be talking with our friends from Comfortemp (insulation), Span Construction (wall board and framing), and Sanchez Air Conditioning and Heating (HVAC). I am looking forward to hearing the sounds of hammers and saws and the smell of fresh paint when we walk into the new studio.

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