Epic’s Interns Produce Epic Results

The Woodlands, TX, August 10, 2012 - With the unemployment rate for teens and young adults between 20-24%, an internship is one way to get both the experience and industry contacts needed to land a good job. Since 1990, one Woodlands based company has provided internships to local area High School and College students. Seven students have recently completed internships at the epic software group, a 3D animation, multimedia, and video production company. "These interns work with industry professionals on meaningful projects that prepare them for the challenges they will face after graduation," said Vic Cherubini, President of epic software group. epic interns for the summer of 2012 included:
Markus Laidlaw, a second year student at Lone Star North Harris, worked on several video production projects. He assisted in the studio, on location and with post-production work on several corporate videos. Markus was co-sponsored by the Houston chapter of the Business Marketing Association.
Luke Falcon, a Senior at College Park High School, assisted in the development of a 3D training application for the oil and gas industry. Luke is a programmer and worked with Unity 3D, a powerful game development program.
Marta Rippetoe, a freshman at the University of Texas at Dallas, honed her skills as a 3D artist. She worked on creating a number of highly technical 3D models of oil field production tools. "I got a chance to really explore the programs I use - Sketch Up, 3DS Max, and Photoshop," said Rippetoe.
Damien Johnson, was Class President at Wunsche HS, and soon to be a freshman at Texas A&M University worked as a 3D artist. He used Photoshop and 3DS Max to produce a complex chemical animation at the molecular level.
Luis Gaitan, a sophomore at Sam Houston State University, is a 3D artist and game developer. Over the summer he worked with 3D modeling programs and became highly proficient in Unity 3D. The Virtual Drill rig he helped create will be released in the fall and used to demonstrate environmentally friendly drilling technologies. His internship was co-sponsored by the Houston chapter of the Business Marketing Association.
Tim Huggins, a Senior at Oak Ridge High School, has a strong desire to be a 3D game designer. Tim learned how to composite animations using video editing software, and worked as part of a team on a large energy industry related project.
Clare Spaulding, a freshman at the University of North Texas, is a writer. She worked on the epic website, the company blog, assisted in developing press releases, doing research and editing content created for epic clients.
There is no doubt that students with internship experience have a significant competitive advantage in their quest for employment. Employers typically favor students who have had an internship experience. A good internship will provide training and opens doors to employment opportunities. "We are proud of these interns and are confident they will go on to do great things in the future" said Cherubini.