Epic Software Group Awarded NASA Space Shuttle Web Site

June 3, 2011 - The Woodlands, TX - On April 12, 1981 NASA launched Columbia, the first Space Shuttle, and on July 8, 2011 mission STS-135 will mark the end of an era when shuttle Atlantis makes the last historic journey into space. To celebrate the technological achievements of these missions, NASA will add a section to their web site dedicated specifically to the Space Shuttle.

The epic software group, inc. has been awarded a contract to create and develop this new area of the NASA web site. "It truly is an honor to work with the men and women at the Johnson Space Center" said Vic Cherubini, president of epic. Over the years NASA has compiled thousands of hours of video on Shuttle missions. This footage has been edited into a series of highlight clips and will be featured in an area of the site called: "Space Shuttle: Launching our Dreams". This section will include dramatic shuttle footage, interviews with astronauts and multimedia applications developed by the artists, animators and programmers at epic.

The site will illustrate the social significance of the shuttle era and how the shuttle changed the way we conduct human spaceflight. Visit it to experience the stunning achievements, heartbreaking tragedies and ultimately the triumph of the human desire to work and live in space. The new section of the site is scheduled to go live in September 2011 at www.nasa.gov.

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