epic software group Announces Expansion Plans

The Woodlands, Texas - October 7, 2009 – the epic software group announced plans today to add a new 4000 square foot production studio to its current facility and open a north Texas office in Mesquite, TX said Vic Cherubini, president of epic. epic software is a 20 year old award winning 3D animation, multimedia and web development company.

The company counts among its clients NASA, CB&I, and Kawasaki, but a recent project with Texas A&M University (TAMU) has taken epic to a new level. In 2008, the Statistics department at TAMU asked epic to help them develop an innovative way to deliver an online Stats 101 class. For anyone who has labored through a college statistics course and thought, "How am I ever going to learn this stuff?" help is on the way! Stat-Crunchers™, an interactive multimedia online program was created with the goal of making statistics education fun. epic developed a pilot episode that included HD Video, 2D & 3D animation, an interactive game, and quiz. "Stat-Crunchers was designed to help change the way we teach statistics" said Dr. Alan Dabney, an Associate Professor at the school and the star of the video.

epic's success with this online program caught the attention of a major college text book publisher. This New York City company contracted with epic to produce 36 additional episodes over the next two years and thus the reason for the addition. "The new epic building will include a state-of-the-art green screen studio that is large enough to drive a truck into. That will please both our industry and government clients who have a need for a stage this size" said Cherubini.

In addition to the green screen room, epic will add 2500 square feet of office space. "Our new building will be created using recycled shipping containers and that should make for a very creative work environment. The U.S. imports 7 million cargo containers each year and exports only 2 million, so the "upcycling' of these units is good for the environment" said Cherubini. The interest that the company has received from the architectural community about the new building has been overwhelming. Architects are providing epic with innovative ideas on using everyday objects in non-traditional ways.

epic has started a blog on their web site (www.epicsoftware.com) and the company will share with readers information on everything it learns from the project. Since the facility will contain more space than is needed by epic, the company plans to lease the excess loft space in the building to artists, writers, photographers, and other creative individuals with the goal of having the area's first "Creative Cooperative'. If all goes as planned, the building will be ready for occupancy at the beginning of 2010.

Cherubini also announced that on October 1, 2009, it will open an office in the Dallas suburb of Mesquite, Texas. The new office will handle mainly web programming and software application development. As epic begins its 20th year in business, it has a lot to be excited about. The use of the internet for commerce, educational purposes, and entertainment will continue to grow as the economy strengthens and epic is in a position to ride that growth wave. You can learn more about Stat-Crunchers, cargo container buildings, and epic by visiting their new web site at: www.epicsoftware.com

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