epic software Begins Development on a Video Game Designed to Teach Statistics at the College Level

May 21,2010 - Hello everyone, my name is Zaki Merchant Hughes and I am a Game Development student at Houston Community College. I am doing my summer internship at the epic software group amd one of my responsibilities is to blog about a new game prototype the company is developing for Texas A&M University.  I will provide you with additional information on the game in future blog posts, but one thing that makes this game very special is the open source concept we will use to build it.  Unlike many game development companies who try their best to keep development activities under wrap, epic will be sharing what we learn with anyone who visits our blog.  If you ever wondered how a video game is built from ground up, you have come to the right place.  We intend to share with game enthusiasts the trials and tribulations we go through from the concept stage to the publishing stage of game production.

On my first day I met with epic's founder and president, Mr. Vic Cherubini.  I followed the directions given to me by email on how to reach my destination. At first I thought he was joking when he said the company was “nestled nicely in the woods”. Suffice to say, he was actually quite serious.

Looks aside though, I was amazed at how organized and how serious not only the company’s president was about this new video game, but the team’s dedication towards it as well. Their goals and determination won me over and before I knew it, I was already a part of the group. Not knowing what rocky roads may come our way, we venture on hopefully to the end. I will keep you up to date as progress develops, but until then I present to you some concept art.  I hope you bookmark our blog and I welcome your comments, ideas and feedback.


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