epic Creative Co-Op - Studio Progress, Summer Kitchen, and Interior Work - We Are Almost There!

March 16, 2012 - We are back to a short punch-list of items and we'll be done with the building of the epic Creative Co-Op! The pace over the past month has been fast and furious, but the building is now as good, if not better, than it was before the fire.

We added a roof to the summer kitchen, and added a funky mailbox for our tenants - Silver Rock Productions, Inspectioneering Journal, and GTIN Services, and everyone is settling in. Each space has its own alarm system, and we all enjoy high speed fiber optic services provided by ICTX.  Now that the heavy lifting is just about done, we can turn our attention to adding all the little things that will make the building even more special.

The last major project is rebuilding the cyc (cyclorama) wall in the studio. We got a good jump on it this week. We will tackle the corner when the three walls come together next week. Since we have done it once before, we learned some tricks that should make the rebuild go faster.  Once the cyc part of the wall is complete, we will have to give the room a coat of paint. The new Wagner ProCoat Airless Paint Sprayer is awesome. We tried a Milwaukee sprayer that looked cool in their Youtube video and in Home Depot, but it did not hold up on the jobsite.

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