epic Creative Co-Op Receives ADA Approval - Exterior Aluminum Composite Panel Work Continues

August 21, 2011- The record for consecutive days of temperatures exceeding 100 degrees for Houston was set in 1980 at 21. Yesterday, we broke that record, and this has been a summer we won't soon forget. Our building workers continued to install the Aluminum Composite Panels on the roof walls 20-30 feet in the air with temperatures sometimes as high as 105 degrees, and little or no wind.  The good news is the last of the roof panels went up on Tuesday, so another big job is checked off the list.

The other great news we got this week was the approval by George Harris our ADA Inspector. George walked the building on Tuesday and there were just a couple of minor things we had to fix or complete (ex: we installed 24" grab bars behind the toilets, and they needed to be 36").  This was a very big step, since an ADA code violations could result in thousands of dollars in fixes, and we passed with flying colors. The main reason is that George visited our site on many occasions and explained to us exactly what we needed to do to comply on everything from door widths to ramp slopes.  Since he had been so involved in the project, his inspection was almost anti climatic, since he had already reviewed the items that could have the largest impact if they were not done right the first time. If you are building in the Houston area and need an ADA Engineer, we would highly recommend George Harris.

We also had a visit by Truman Cox this week. Truman is a very creative guy who suggested several things at the start of the project that literally turned it around. He convinced us we should move the Creative Co-Op from behind our current building to in front of it, and rotate it 180 degrees.  This was not a simple task because we already had all the drawings completed and approved by the county permitting dept.  We also struggled with a roof design and he came back with several concepts that were both highly creative and less expensive then what we had planned. Truman works with his dad David (our Guardian Angel) at Pinnacle Residential Design. If you are looking for a custom home guaranteed to impress - give them a call - they are quite a team.

With the aluminum roof panels out of the way, we turned our attention to building the rear stairs, painting the ramp walls, and taking care of a number of small items on our check list around the building. We also spent some time working on a design for the front wall of the building. We want to make it very special. We are also talking with a company that specializes in LED lighting, and are reviewing several designs with them now. 

This week we will start by doing some touch up painting work around the building, then we will turn our attention to installing the aluminum trim around the exterior of the building. We will do some dirt work around the building, but it is just too hot and dry to try and plant anything right now. We also have to work around our tenants (Silver Rock Productions) who have video shoots in the studio on Monday and Tuesday. 


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