epic Announces Plans to Build Our New Green Screen Studio

 August 24, 2009 - one online trend that is indisputable is the explosion in the use of video for all kinds of applications. While there is a lot of junk on the web, there is also a great deal of work that is well crafted and perfect for narrowcasting on the small screen.  At epic, we are part of the growing number of web developers who understand the importance of the medium, and we try our best (if possible) to make sure it is a part of every site we build.
In the past, we rented green screen studio facilities from other production companies.  This year our video work has grown to the point where we decided to start planning for an addition to our studio specifically to house a green screen stage.  This is the first blog entry of the quest to take that idea from concept to creation.

We began with the thought of not just adding a green screen studio to our current building, but to add a number of additional office suites that could be leased to other companies involved in creative endeavors.  The goal will seek to fill this "Creative Cooperative" with Artists, Programmers, Ad Agencies, Design Shops, Writers, and others who earn their keep by being creative and innovative. 

To get started, we photographed our building and used those images to create a 3D model in Google's Sketchup application.  If you have not seen or used this program, it is very powerful and the basic version is free.  You can download it here. We added dimensions to the 3D model, and then did some brainstorming on what the new addition would look like.  Check out the images to the right, and you see what we came up with.  We decided on adding four traditional offices on the east side of the building.  On the west side, we have our green screen studio and a large room that could be used as an apartment or office.

When we finished, we had a new building that would complement our current structure. It would be easy to get this design approved by our banker.  Unfortunately, it just was not very exciting.  If we are planning to attract creative people, the building would have to be unique. This first design was a good start, but it did not hit the mark.  We knew we had to go back to the drawing board. 

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