Decorative Roof Panels Go Up - Silver Rock Moves In - Work Continues on ADA Ramp

August 14, 2011 - We made great progress this week on the last remaining major job on the project - the installation of the Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) Panels. We also worked on adding some side walls to the ADA ramp, installing the metal handrails, and sealing the plywood decks. Silver Rock Productions moved in, and even did a video shoot in the studio which still looks more like a workshop than a production studio.

The heat also made news this week as well. The record for Houston for 100 degree plus days was 10. Today, we hit that record, and are set to break it tomorrow. Now when the thermometer says 102 degrees, it actually feels like 105-107 because of our humidity. When installing panels, you may also be working in the direct sun light combined with the hot metal surface and the weight of a large aluminum panel makes it very hard work. It just comes down to putting up one panel at a time - each one representing a small victory.

The best way to understand how we installed the ACM panels is by viewing the photos to your right. Typically, ACM is attached to the building on a metal framework. This was not an option for us, so we came up with an alternative that is working quite nicely. We checked with Franklin International to see if their Tightbond Panel Adhesive would work for us.  We sent them several samples of the ALPOLIC ACM panels and they tested them in their labs. The results were satisfactory and we used their adhesive on virtually every ACM panel we installed.

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