Decking and Firestopping Installed, Plumbing, Electrical and Welding Continue

April 17, 2011 - With the exterior painting behind us, we turned our attention to getting everything ready for the insulation crew from ComforTemp.  Many of the questions we've had over the past several months had to do with our plans for insulating the epic Creative Co-Op, so we have created a separate blog entry just for that purpose.  Running wires and pipes are relatively easy to install when there is no insulation in the walls. Once insulation is added to the wall cavities, things get much more complicated.

On commercial buildings, the US Fire Code requires that a firestopping material be used for hole penetrations that go from one area to another. Luckily, we have a client (Rectorseal) who manufacturers a line of firestopping products under the brand name Metacaulk. They have hired us over the years to produce videos showing the proper installation of their firestopping caulks, sprays, putties, and specialty products. One problem we always had with making these videos was to get access to a job site where they were being used. That would not be the case here and Rectorseal graciously offered to provide us some of their products for installation photos.

The timing for the installation of the firestopping materials was perfect as we also received a surprise visit from the Montgomery County Fire Marshall's office. Inspector Gary Bennett toured the building and did not find any code violations. With the walls open it was easy for him to see our work, and he was happy with what he observed. The Fire Marshall will return at the end of the project for a final review.

Rectorseal also makes a line of solvent cements and primers for use on PVC and CPVC pipe.  We used both products to install a couple of water lines to faucets we added to the outside of building. That should be the last of the lines we need to run inside the building. The plumbing work that remains will mainly be to install the sinks and commodes.  

We completed the work on the exterior electrical by installing the remaining section of gray PVC pipe up the power pole to the weather-head where the three trunk lines for the building will be attached to the main line by Centerpoint (hopefully, next week).  On the inside, Adam fabricated a really nice metal enclosure (made from Diassa's ACM), then ran the lines and conduit to each of the power panels. He did a really good job making something that few will see look great.

Adam also cut two additional windows in container 10. We wanted to provide the future occupants with additional light, and a view of the woods to the west. We have a lot of touch up work to do on the exterior paint, but that should go quickly after the remaining work is done. Late Saturday afternoon, we used Mike's bucket truck to hoist up the two metal frames Adam made earlier in the week for the AC Units. Mounting them up on the roof will eliminate the possibility of theft, and keep them out of sight at the same time.

Next week we Sheetrock the walls that were insulated this week, finish the decking, the HVAC installation and if the good weather continues - begin installing the Aluminum Composite Material (exterior siding). 


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