Captcha Like Plug-In Developed for Expression Engine Sites

September 14, 2009 - The Woodlands, TX - Web sites that have email addresses on their Contact Us page are just an open invitation for a web bot to harvest the address, and add it to a giant list of "good" email addresses, which is then sold to spammers.  What typically follows is a deluge of spam messages for everything you can imagine and one unhappy client.  One effective way to combat these unsolicited email messages is to add a reply box to the page that requires a human to enter a code that cannot be read by a machine, but is simple for a human to respond to.  We wrote a script specifically for our Expression Engine customers and it has been very effective, so we decided to create a commercially available plug-in that you can easily add to your Expression Engine site or blog for under $10. 

The plug-in dynamically hides html from users and asks them to enter the correct "entry code number" before they can view the html. This plug in uses no JavaScript or CSS just a form post to determine if the person entered the correct number.

Live example here

How to install the plug in:

  • FTP in to your site browse to the "system" folder ( or whatever you renamed your system folder to )
  • Open the "plugins" folder
  • Upload the "pi.mailguard.php" to that folder

How to use the plug in:
Put this tag in your Expression Engine template:
instructions='Enter the Number In the Box' }
Stuff you want hidden
{ /exp:mailguard:hide}
file_path is the full path to the place you want it to save the images.
html_path is the web path to the same location as the file path
instructions is what is shown only before a turning number has been entered

Link to the discission about the plug-in on the expression engine forums


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