Building Trim Works Begins and Work Continues on the Picnic Table.

October 2, 2011 - By the end of the week, we put the last aluminum panel on the front wall of the building and it came out awesome! During the construction of the wall, we did a time lapse so you can watch the wall take shape over the two weeks it took to build. We have some editing work to do on those photos, and as soon as they are ready, we will post them to this blog. With the big 3D wall out of the way, we turned our attention to the trim work on the building, and the large picnic table that goes between the epic Studio and the new Creative Co-Op building.

We opted to use some of the Blue APOLLIC aluminum composite panels for the trim on the ramp. In addition to being decorative, the trim was designed to meet ADA standards (it has to be enclosed by a 4" high wall around the base of the ramp), and will also help channel water down the ramp and away from the building. We also had a surprise visit by the Mitsubishi ALPOLIC salesman who was very pleased with how we were using their product in a wide variety of applications.

Progress on the dirt work around the building was slowed down when the Thomas 175 Skid Loader we were using began losing hydraulic fluid. The problem was traced back to a pinhole leak in one of the hydraulic lines. Getting a replacement line took a lot of running around. The line requires high pressure hose (r-wire, 4000 psi hose), and special fittings.  We were able to find a shop in Conroe to fab up a line. We replaced the line, and added new hydraulic fluid ($42.75/5 Gallons at O'Reilly's Auto) and got back to work - for about 20 minutes - when the line next to the one we replaced sprung a pinhole leak.  Then next day we did the whole process again. This time everything worked fine, and we have been using the machine to move dirt and building supplies all around the property.

Cliff continued working on the large picnic table. This over-sized table will serve as a central meeting, break and party area for the people who work and visit our studios. We got the table in the ground and moved many loads of dirt to get the area level. The 4 metal benches that go around the table were made, and will be installed next week, We want to do a nice ceramic tile pattern on the table, and will come up with a design next week.

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