Building out Containers 9 and 10 - Planting Rye Grass - Music Video Shoot

November 27, 2011 - This week we focused on getting the interior rooms in containers 9 and 10 done. We finished the walls, and painted them along with the ceilings. We put down a hardwood floor that came from the dining room in my house. We had some damage from Hurricane Ike a couple of years ago, and the settlement covered a new hardwood floor. We were able to salvage enough good wood from the old floor to recycle it into this project.

We also needed to get the studio ready for a music video that Silver Rock shot just before the Thanksgiving holidays. They projected photos of the singer on the walls, and used a Red One camera to film her singing the song. The lighting was awesome, and the video came out great. 

On the outside we decided it was time to till the soil and plant some rye grass. This grass will remain green all winter long, but will die out once the temperature gets above 90 degrees. We need the grass to hold the soil in place for now, and next year we will put in St. Augustine grass which is much more resistant to heat and drought.

Next week we will turn our attention to the floors of the video production studio and the wood ramp on the outside of the building. We have some very special coating products coming in from the Armorpoxy Company of Union NJ. More on that next week.

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