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Fall 2018 Intern – Alvaro Collao

For my last year at art school, studying 3D animation, I was required to attend an internship in Houston. After a couple of months of searching, I found Epic Software Group and applied. I then went in for an interview where I met the president, Mr. Vic, who was very knowledgeable in the industry. He sat down with me and told me his expectations for his interns and how I could apply my hard-surface 3D modeling skills for the company. Afterward, I met some of the other interns, and I showcased my website…

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Summer 2018 Intern – Keith Marchell

After graduating Art School, I lacked the required work experience to find a job as a 3D Artist. I needed to find a place that could grant me real-world experience and the ability to build my portfolio. I saw an internship position available at Epic Software and thought it would be the perfect solution to my predicament. This was evidently the case due to the fact that during my interview with Mr. Vic, the CEO of Epic Software, I was already presented with an interesting opportunity. Mid interview,…

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Summer 2018 Intern - Cathy Zhang

This year, I thought about applying for summer internships to develope more skills in 3D animation field. Then my digital art teacher recommended me the Epic Software Group. I had two interviews with Vic, on the first one, Vic suggested me to study more in technical animations and using 3DS MAX as the main program. I have been working on game environmental designs with Maya and Zbrush in my past years, thus, technical animations gained my interest as something I never tried before.  I started…

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Summer 2016 Intern - Wei Jin

An internship is very important for anyone wants to work in the creative field. However, the sluggish economy doesn't help college students looking for internships. After many unanswered emails and applications to other companies, I remembered a good friend of mine had a good internship in the previous year which lead to employment at Epic Software Group. So I decided to contact him to see if I could get an internship. To my surprise, I found out they are taking internships every summer! …

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Capturing Realistic Human Movement

  August 19, 2013 – When animating 3D models, some actions that are required for animated characters to do can be difficult to create certain actions. When we want to give a character a more natural feel or lifelike characteristics we use real people to act out movements that records it into 3D. This technique is known as Motion Capture.Motion capture is the process of capturing realistic movements for animated characters that can be used for many types of productions such as Industrial,…

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