Fall 2018 Intern – Alvaro Collao

For my last year at art school, studying 3D animation, I was required to attend an internship in Houston. After a couple of months of searching, I found Epic Software Group and applied. I then went in for an interview where I met the president, Mr. Vic, who was very knowledgeable in the industry. He sat down with me and told me his expectations for his interns and how I could apply my hard-surface 3D modeling skills for the company. Afterward, I met some of the other interns, and I showcased my website with all of my work. After getting feedback from the group, I was given an acid test that would challenge my 3D modeling skills. I was given two weeks to 3D model, texture and animate a photo-realistic Canon Camera, which was provided for reference. I came back for the second interview and presented my work to the company. I received high praise and the internship position at Epic. 

For the first few weeks of the internship, I was tasked to create models to put on Turbosquid. This would help create potential revenue for the company, as well as develop my skills in creating professional assets. During this time, Epic was contacted by an old client, and we were presented with a potential contract. Vic and I met with the client personally to discuss the project and how we would create two videos to advertise his new product. In order to get a proper understanding of what the client wanted, I was assigned the creation of the storyboard for this project. Being a 3D artist, this assignment put me out of my comfort zone, but it was a good opportunity for me to improve my Photoshop skills and teach me the importance of adapting to fulfill a project. I created the first draft of the storyboard, implementing all of the ideas the client had discussed with us, as well as some ideas of my own. I then had everyone at Epic look over it for feedback and potential changes. After all the changes were made, I had a final storyboard that impressed the client, who wanted to discuss ideas for the second video he had in mind. As he thought about what he wanted for the second video, I was given the job to animate a logo, which would play at the start and end of the video. This would allow me to dust off my After Effects skills and creatively develop a logo that demonstrates the product. I was also able to work on my portfolio while doing my internship here and used Epic’s resources to improve my work.

Overall, my experience working as an intern at Epic had been great. I have learned many things during my time there, from working in a professional setting to collaborating with a team. Having to try new things that were outside of what I normally do really broadened my horizons, and helped me realize what I’m capable of creating. These are all things that I feel will help me find a job in the industry when I graduate. I really appreciate Epic and Mr. Vic for giving me the opportunity to refine my skills and providing me with experiences that I could not receive in school alone. Thank you.

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