Congressman Kevin Brady Presents Letter Of Commendation to the epic software group

October 16, 2015 – Congressman Kevin Brady made a surprise visit to the epic software group at the company’s 25th anniversary celebration. The congressman presented Vic Cherubini, the President of the company, with a Letter of Commendation. The Congressman said “For the past 25 years, Vic and his team of artists, animators and programmers has been producing exemplary work for companies large and small in the Houston area. We are proud to have epic in our district” said Brady.  Kevin Brady is the U.S. Representative for Texas's 8th congressional district and has been serving since 1997.

This was not the only surprise during the open house festivities.  Dr. Rich Haut, a Research Scientist at HARC (Houston Advanced Research Center), stopped by with an award the organization received by World Oil for Excellence in Environmental Stewardship.  The award was presented for a project produced by epic software for HARC in 2014.  Epic created a virtual 3D Drill Rig that allows anyone to walk around a drill rig from any desktop browser.  As you walk around the virtual rig, you experience the sights and sounds of an actual rig.  The entire rig is interactive so you can click on a specific piece of equipment and watch videos, read technical papers, or rotate the object in 3D space.  “We were excited to receive this award and appreciate all the work done on it by everyone at epic” said Dr. Haut.

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