The Epic Creative Co-Op – An Alternative to Traditional Office Space

THE WOODLANDS, Texas,  June 27, 2016 – four years ago, Vic Cherubini, President of the epic software group set out to build a new kind of work environment – a place specifically designed for creators.  Unlike traditional office buildings which can be sterile and uninspiring, he envisioned a structure different from the rest.  The building would be designed around the use of upcycled items including 11 cargo containers, and other environmentally friendly materials.  “Our focus was on prospective tenants who were artists, innovators and entrepreneurs – people who create things. “said Cherubini. The building was deemed “the epic Creative Co-Op”

Cherubini worked with students from the college of Architecture at the University of Houston to design the building.  Since it would be used for commercial purposes, it would also need to meet all the ADA and Safety Codes required for new construction.  Getting a commercial loan during the height of the recession was all but impossible, so the building would have to be paid for as it was being built.  Many of the amenities for the building came from the Habitat for Humanity Restore Shop in Conroe.  Appliances, building materials, and supplies (most of which were gently used) were often purchased for just pennies on the dollar.

Since it was opened in 2012, the epic Creative Co-Op has always been occupied. The building contains the largest video production studio in Montgomery County, so it was no surprise to find that the first tenant was Silver Rock Productions.  “We worked with Vic from day one to design a truly magnificent studio with cycloramic walls, 18 foot high ceilings, and a dynamic truss lighting system,” said Mike Huffine, President of Silver Rock Productions.  The studio is available for lease to photographers and video production companies and recently played host to a commercial shot for Reebok featuring JJ Watt.

Over the years, the epic Creative Co-Op has been home for software companies, architects, media publishers, and artists.  “We have become a magnet for all kinds of creative people, but we also have tenants who just want something different.  We also allow a short term lease (one year), where many others require multiple year contracts,” continued Cherubini.  Right now the building is 100% leased, but one office space is opening up shortly.  A 960 square foot loft with a 50’ outdoor deck is coming on the market on July 1, 2016.

For anyone interested in learning more about the story of the epic Creative Co-Op, you can find additional detail and hundreds of photos taken during construction in the blog section of the company’s web site –

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