Ashley Arrizola - My Internship at epic software group…

December 26, 2013 – I found out about epic software while doing research to do an internship for my education while attending my senior year at college to further my experience as an artist. Looking at their website, I was very intrigued with all of their past projects, as well as their wide variety of work and decided to apply there.

As I began my internship I was greatly welcomed into their group and was tested for my level of detail for a variety of art techniques. I assisted in many types of projects such as capturing human movement for 3D models using motion capture and wrote the for the epic blog article. I illustrated artwork for a theatre poster, and modeled many 3D objects for several projects.

During my time at epic, I was able to acquire new ways of using my art skills to design and create as well as learn some new programs. Doing an internship with epic software has given me a great start with my career and gave me a first-hand look of what it is like to work in an animation company.

I would recommend epic software for anyone interested in doing an internship, they have many opportunities for people interested in the multimedia workplace.

-Ashley Arrizola

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