One Successful ISBU (Cargo Container) Project Spawns Another…

December 04, 2012 - Last weekend the epic Creative Co-Op hosted a holiday kickoff party for the Piney Woods branch of the US Green Building Council where they announced details of their new ISBU project which will be built just down the road from our building. Their project will be constructed from 2 cargo containers, and will serve as a demonstration home. The design calls for it to be totally off-the-grid and it will also do double duty as the office of the Piney Woods USGBC Branch.

The building will be open to the public, and built to LEED-H Platinum level certification. It will also be used as a green reference library and will springboard the start of the Montgomery County Green Resource Center. Sergio Grado is spearheading the project and is working with our County Commissioner who has allowed the use of the land to construct the project. Sergio told me...

"It is always good to have other examples of what can be done with shipping containers and yours has been a great help to us in presenting our project to viable sponsors. We are a non-profit organization and will build this project with all donated funds and volunteers." They are getting plenty of media attention and support from sponsors such as Andersen Windows Corporation among several others. Additional info can be found in the Woodlands Online article here.

At our open house there were sponsors with solar powered AC units, unique piling systems (helical piers) and other innovative building materials and supplies. Ron Saikowski, the engineer on our building, and Texas wine connoisseur provided an excellent selection of both white and red wines for the occasion.  Many of the other guests brought snacks and drinks.

We were excited to be a part of their launch efforts and hope you too will support this really worthwhile project. With some luck, they hope to have the building completed by the summer of 2013.

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