Shadowplay Productions Shoots Feature Film ‘Helen Alone’ at epic Studios in The Woodlands, TX

July 9, 2012 - Shadowplay Productions shot several scenes for "Helen Alone" a new feature length film written and directed by Danish-born Henrik Bech Poulsen. "Helen Alone" is a coming-of-age story about a sheltered and naïve teenager who, abandoned by family and friends, struggles to grow up amid an odd cast of characters through a series of misadventures in the course of one day. Actors Alexis Raich, Daniel Baldwin, DC Douglass, and Priscilla Barnes flew in from Los Angeles to star in the film. You can learn more about the cast and crew on their Facebook page.

"We were excited that Molly Vernon, the Production Manager for Shadowplay Productions chose our back lot for the filming of the late night outdoor scenes. Shadowplay had used our indoor studio several months ago, and thought the woods on the back part of our property would be perfect for what the director had in mind," said Vic Cherubini, President of the epic software group.

Cast and crew began preparation for the Friday evening shoot at 5:30pm, and worked until 7:30am.  They then returned the next afternoon for the production work scheduled for Saturday night. Rain clouds threatened to halt filming, but most of the heavy rain began on Sunday morning after all the shots were completed.

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