Enjoying the epic Creative-Co-Op - A Sneak Peak at the Future

October 30, 2011 - This week the weather turned great and it was nice enough for Scott of Silver Rock to take his computer outdoors and do his work from a second floor deck. Part of the dream of this building is for creative people to work in ways that are not possible in conventional/traditional office buildings. There are several private decks around the building along with one very public meeting area.

And work continued on that public area with the summer kitchen build out. The framing work was completed, and we were able to get the walls, counter top, plumbing and electrical rough work done. We also had an unexpected visit by Brian Egan, the President of Southwest Building Products who stopped by early in the week.  He was impressed with our project, and mentioned that his company distributes a variety of masonry building products. He told us about a very unique counter top he offers called FuzeGlass which is a fusion of low carbon cement & 100% post-consumer recycled glass. This material is very cool - let me explain...

Fuze is an environmentally friendly product that combines cement, fly ash, and curb-side recycled glass. It is available in 28 colors that Fuze offers, or even better, you can create your own. This gives the customer complete creative control over the aggregates, shapes, colors, and sizes, to design a one of a kind surfaces. Best of all, Fuze uses up to 80% recycled materials; this includes the glass from recycled bottles, which may have come from your very own recycle bin. Although we have not opted to have this project LEED certified, the use of Fuzeglass would have given us LEED credits. Next week we will install the Fuezglass counter tops and show you step-by-step how it was done.

Adam finished working on installing the Corroplast strips in the channel areas between the Mitsubishi Aluminum Composite Panels around the building. These black plastic strips covered up all the metal clips that hold the panels to the side of the building. They give the walls a real finished look. The black color makes for very nice shadows and enhance the contrast of the silver panels. We have a number of small areas around the building that need to be trimmed out, and we will continue working on them this week.

We also realized that we will need to pour concrete in several areas around the building that only became obvious after we started using them. For example, in front of the building we poured 4' concrete walks. That's fine, until you open the large studio doors, then you realize the only way around them is to walk on the dirt. Not good. We will also need to pour some additional concrete for the floor of the summer kitchen, and the floor of the Armadillo (storage area). We are planning the pour for Friday, when we can get some additional help. It is better to have a worker or two standing around than not have enough to get the job done. Concrete is hard work and has to be finished quickly and right the first time.



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