Topographic Survey for epic New Building Completed

January 29, 2010 - In order for our engineer to properly design the foundation for our new studio building, he asked that we provide him with a topographic survey. A topographical (or topo) survey is the tool engineers use to design and manage drainage. Surveying is done by gathering information through observations, measurements in the field, and research on surveys on file from nearby properties. The topo survey measures the elevation of points of the land, and presents them as contour lines on a plot. The topo survey would also help us to accurately establish boundaries and the elevations of the property.

Because of the shape of our property, I wanted to make sure we would be dealing with a surveyor that had experience with small commercial projects. I used Google to locate several local land surveyors. Since this is a service I don't use on a regular basis I was hoping their web sites would answer some of my questions about the process and help me with my decision. Unfortunately, most of the sites gave me very basic information and were not very helpful. I spoke with our engineer and he recommended Town and Country Surveyors and I called them. The owner of the company, David Strauss actually did the original survey on our property back in 1999, so he was literally familiar with the lay of the land. David came out and walked the property with me and answered my questions about the topo survey process.

On Friday, January 22, a crew of two surveyors from Town and Country Surveyors came to our property to do the topo survey.  They worked quickly, finding older benchmarks, and placing stakes around the perimeter of the property. They took dozens of readings which were recorded in a portable hand held device.  The entire survey took about 3 hours.  These readings were taken back to their office, entered into a computer and the results plotted out.  A week later, we received a .pdf  version of the property.  To see the process, check out the photos to the right and click here to see the actual topo survey.

I would highly recommend Town and Country Surveyors.  In addition to topographic surveys, they do Telecommunication Surveys, Elevation Certificates, Tree Surveys, Subdivision Platting, Environmental Surveys, Oil Production, Pipeline and Facilities Surveying.

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