Multimedia Curriculum for LightWave 3D for Students

The Woodlands, Texas - October 28, 2003 - LightWave 3D is one of the most powerful 3D graphics and animation program on the market today. If you can dream it, you can build it in LightWave. Many of the awesome 3D graphics you see in the movies, on TV and in print were created with LightWave 3D. Yet with power comes complexity. For anyone who has thumbed through the 1000+ page user's manual, or stared at the interface and asked the question "where do I start," LightWave 101-Interactive Training Course and Curriculum Guide is the answer.

LightWave 101 was created specifically for those students who are new to the world of 3D. This CD-Based program contains everything you need to learn LightWave 3D. It takes a completely fresh approach to 3D training, and moves you through the program at a comfortable pace. The number of options available in LightWave can be intimidating to even a seasoned pro. LightWave 101 tames this 3D powerhouse by showing you how to do the right things the right way from lesson one. Before you know it, you'll be creating 3D graphics that will astound both you and your friends.

Although LightWave 101 was originally created for 3D Instructors, we have expanded it to be the perfect learning tool for students as well. There are six sections to this multimedia training guide:

Section 1 - 3D Interactive - Here you will learn about the History of Animation and the Animation Process. You will find multimedia animated lessons on a variety of introductory topics that will provide you with the basics you can build on.

Section 2 is full semester curriculum guide created by Master LightWave 3D instructor Danny Duhon. Each lesson is designed to take about 45 minutes - perfect for those instructors who have been looking for a LightWave curriculum guide designed specifically for classroom use. There is simply no other teaching tool quite like this one. Instructors who need a great training manual can use this section of the CD (which are also available to schools at reduced prices).

LightWave 3D Course Curriculum

Section 3 is comprised of 20 new practice tutorials you can use to build your skills in LightWave. These tutorials are on a variety of topics that include hands on training in such areas as texturing, creating smoke and steam, lighting the inside of an object, lens flares and a Hollywood favorite - creating explosions! These are tutorials that will keep the more advanced students engaged and excited about 3D for the entire semester.

LightWave Tutorials

  • Bones Made Simple
  • Building 3D Interfaces
  • Bumpy Textures with Bump Maps
  • Creating Tileable Textures
  • Displacement Map Basics
  • Animate a Bouncing Logo
  • Lasers and Energy Beams
  • Layout Basics
  • Magnification Using Refraction
  • Character Modeling with Subdivision Surfaces
  • Make Logos Come Alive in 3D
  • Making the Most of Fractal Noise
  • Modeling Basics
  • Modeling Terrain
  • Moving Multiple Objects Using Nulls
  • Pipes and Banners
  • Repeating Motion Paths
  • Squashing 3D Into 2D
  • Taking 2D Labels to a New Dimension
  • Volumetric Lighting
  • 3D Industrial Design

Section 4 is comprehensive tutorial called Lights, Camera Action and you will learn the techniques of the digital cinematographer. It was written by Professor Phil Fitzpatrick, who has taught LightWave 3D at Lamar University, and understands both the technical and creative aspects of the program. Professor Fitzpatrick brings all of the key elements of the program together in this section.

Section 5 is a Resource Guide complete with links to the most popular LightWave 3D web sites and LightWave 3D books, 3D model libraries, listing of popular LightWave plug-in's, texture sources, and so much more. You are always just a click away from anything LightWave when you are in the Resource section of the program.

Section 6, we have included several bonus items for you. A gallery of 3D graphics and animations will inspire you. An arcade complete with 10 games created with 3D graphics produced in LightWave will entertain you. We have also included 100 free 3D models for you to use in your scenes from the epic software group 3D model library.

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