Epic Software Completes Excel Book for Microsoft

The Woodlands, Texas - November 21, 2001 - the epic software group, inc. completed work on a new book for Microsoft's newly released spreadsheet application Excel 2002. Microsoft Excel 2002 Plain & Simple was written by well know author Curtis Frye under contract by Epic. Frye has written extensively on Microsoft Excel, Access, Active Server Pages, as well as the issue of privacy law in international business. "He is able to explain complex subjects in terms we can all understand," said Vic Cherubini, President of epic software. Microsoft asked Epic to serve as a "packager" for the book, so Epic employees Rod Afshar served as Development Editor while technical editing was done by Jodi Paul.

Kong Cheung, Acquisition Editor for Microsoft Press said, "I worked with epic software group while I was at Gulf Publishing Company in Houston and I really like how they manage the work on the Happy and Max series of Children's books. We were very pleased with their work on Microsoft Excel 2002 Plain & Simple as well", said Cheung.

The book is designed to provide the reader with fast answers in full color that make learning the newest version of Microsoft Excel plain and simple. This no-nonsense guide uses easy numbered steps and concise, straightforward language that show the most expedient ways to learn a new skill or solve a problem. With Microsoft Excel 2002 Plain and Simple, you'll discover how to preform everyday tasks and answer your own questions quickly learning the essential tools and techniques for organizing, processing, and presenting data in Excel. With Plain & Simple, you don't have to wade through all kinds of superfluous detail. This easy-to-use book delivers fast, precise information-exactly how and when you need it.

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