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Revolutionize Your Presentations - by Bob Alexander with Malcolm Fleschner - May/June - 1995

How to use the power of the PC to build exciting creative and effective disk-based sales presentations.

By Bob Alexander with Malcolm Fleschner

With the popularity of the Internet, productivity software, e-mail and thousands of other PC-based services growing faster than Bill Gates can say "cash or charge?", the desktop is steadily becoming computer-literate America's primary source of a broad range of applications and services. Looking to tap into the more than 100 million PCs currently adorning the nation's homes, offices and automobiles, savvy sales executives have added interactive floppy disk-based presentations and catalogs to their sales toolbox. According to Victor Cherubini, president of the E.P.I.C. software group, the diskette's power to entertain and inform customers while significantly reducing the sales cycle may soon relegate printed sales literature and overhead transparencies to the dust bin of selling history.

"Today's customers are more sophisticated than ever before," he says. "By providing a blend of entertainment and information, sales people stand a much greater chance of getting a complex message across. I see the computer as a new platform to communicate complex product and service offerings in a way not possible with traditional media. By incorporating animation, sound and interactive calculations, salespeople can take the presentation to a whole new level."

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