Package Brings Catalogs Alive (HBJ Article)

August 20, 1990 - Houston Business Journal

EPIC Software Group put a salesman on a disk.

The Woodlands-based company develops electronically produced interactive catalogs, tapping computer intelligence to produce multisensory presentations.

"Anything printed can be converted to interactive format on a floppy disk and be used to demonstrate a product or service," explains company founder Vic Cherubini.

EPIC focuses on the industrial marketplace, says Cherubini. It's his professional background and other companies already are working on the consumer market.

Consider the case of a company introducing a new industrial valve. The traditional route is to print a technical data sheet showing a photo of the valve and a line drawing a cross-section of the valve.

EPIC's version creates a screen showing the valve and all its components. While viewing the image, the computer user can see the valve open, the fluid in the valve flow, and the sound of the fluid flowing through the opening.

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