Baseball Umpire Training Program on CD Now On Sale

The Woodlands, Texas - February 4, 2003 -Baseball umpires who want to improve their skills will welcome a new multimedia CD training tool developed by the Epic Software Group. The 2003 College Umpire Multimedia Mechanics CD includes animations for two and three umpire system mechanics, edited and revised by Dave Yeast the National Coordinator for the NCAA Baseball Umpire Program. What makes this CD a "must have" for serious umpires at all skill levels is the addition of 3D graphics, animated trails that allow you to trace the umpires every move, and a "step-by-step" mode lets you analyze the play frame-by-frame. For those umpires who use Apple Macintosh computers, the new CD will play on both PC and Mac platforms. The CD also includes a searchable copy of the 2003 NCAA Baseball rules umpires to use when making calls.

The 2003 edition of the College Umpire Multimedia Mechanics CD was officially debuted by Dave Yeast at five Regional Umpire Clinics around the country in January of 2003. "As part of our ongoing Umpire Improvement Program we will be demonstrating the 2003 College Umpire Multimedia Mechanics CD and a second CD ROM filled with Library of Video Plays from the 2002 College World Series", said Yeast. Yeast's objective is to educate collegiate umpires about the mechanics, philosophy, and the positioning systems that are used in championship play. "These training aids represent the best opportunity for college conferences and their umpires to standardize the way they officiate the game of baseball," continued Yeast.

To develop these CD ROMs, the artists, animators and programmers at Epic Software Group worked with some of the best college umpires in the country" said Vic Cherubini, President of Epic. "These umpires donated their time and expertise to help us create the CD purely for the love of the game, and that's the reason why this multimedia program can be sold for only $29.95" continued Cherubini. Screen shots of both CD ROMs are available at You can order the Multimedia Mechanics CD ROM directly from epic for $29.95 & S&H (Texas residents must also add 8.25% for sales tax). The Library of Video Plays CD is also available from epic software for $4.95

*NOTE: The NCAA rules book is reprinted with permission of the NCAA. This permission does not contribute an endorsement of the product and shall not be used in the promotion and marketing of this product. In addition, the NCAA is not liable for any defects, misinterpretation of misapplication of the rules in this program. NCAA Baseball Rules and Interpretations are subject to annual review and change."

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