Animation & Graphics


We like to say we can do just about anything when it comes to 2D and 3D graphics and we do it well. At epic, we use a variety of 3D & 2D software to create stunning graphics and animations. Our experience with 3D applications run deep, and we have authored books on LightWave along with an interactive curriculum guide used to train artists new to the world of 3D.

While we enjoy doing character animation work, more often we are called on to create 3D versions of industrial products or architectural flythroughs. Over the years we have developed thousands of 3D models. We can use these to add a level of detail to your project without adding additional cost to your project. When it comes to creating eye candy, serious illustrations or animaitons we probably do it and we also do it better and faster than anyone else.

Here Are Just Some of the Services We Provide:

  •     2D and 3D Graphics
  •     Technical Illustrations
  •     Character Design and Development
  •     Storyboarding
  •     3D Fly Throughs and Fly Arounds
  •     Visualization
  •     CAD Model Conversion
  •     Animated Cartoons
  •     Motion Graphics