America’s Christmas Village

Success Stories: America's Christmas Village

Wouldn't it be nice to travel back in time to a Victorian village where life is a little slower and the beauty of Christmas is present each waking moment. Imagine celebrating the traditional holidays in an environment where "old fashioned values" are not "old fashioned"? Twinkling lights, falling snow, horse drawn carriages and the renewing of vows and celebration of anniversaries are some of the highlights of America's Christmas Village.

From a Victorian golf course, horse drawn carriages, castles, Dickens-style townhomes to "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire" and high speed internet in a first class hotel that looks 100 years old, a variety of opportunities for enjoyment are offered when you come to America's Christmas Village. Night skating under the stars is romantic in any language.

America's Christmas Village is the vision of one man - Wally Westbrook. After having a near death experience, God visited Wally and revealed to him a vision of a very special place on earth that would keep the feeling of Christmas the whole year long. After Wally recovered, he made it his mission to make this revelation a reality.  


Wally Westbrook had seen the 3D fly-though that the epic software group created for The Woodlands Corporation in 2002, and decided he needed a similar type of video presentation to tell his story. You only have to meet Wally one time to know just how passionate he is about the ACV, so he would be a natural for telling the story.


The artists, animators and programmers at epic met with Wally on several occasions and interviewed him about his vision for this amazing community.  Using all original art and photography, epic created a video to be used to spread the word and for use as a fund raiser for the ACV.  This eight minute video tells the story that Wally Westbrook has made his life's mission.  Click here to watch that video.  

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