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Advergaming Developer's Guide - The Marriage of Advertising and Video Games!

The Woodlands, Texas, June 24, 2003: The epic software group, inc. and publisher Charles River Media announced the Advergaming Developer's Guide, the comprehensive guide for creating computer games designed to entertain and sell. Videogames today represent one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment, yet advertisers are only just beginning to understand how to use this new media to promote their products and their services. Unlike traditional advertising, which may hold the attention of a prospect for just a few seconds, Advergames immerse the user into a game environment for long periods of time. Companies such as Chrysler, Miller Brewing Company, Sony Pictures, and Mattel are using Advergames to reinforcing their brand image and build a database of information about their customers.

Using hands-on tutorials, readers learn to design, build, and modify their own interactive Advergames. Aspiring game developers, looking for a way to break into the industry, will welcome the tips, tools, and techniques showcased in the Advergaming Developer's Guide. Using readily available programs such as Macromedia Flash MX and Director MX (trial copies of both are provided on the CD that accompanies the book), novice game developers will have everything they need to begin exploring what many are calling "the hottest trend in the industry".


  • A introduction to the world of Advergaming
  • Understanding both the concepts of "Branding" and "What Makes for a Compelling Video Game"?
  • Detailed tutorials guide the reader through the creation of nine Advergames including basic, intermediate, and advanced applications.
  • An in-depth view of the conceptual process required to engineer an Advergame from the ground up.
  • CD includes ready-to-use trial versions of Macromedia Director MX and Macromedia Flash MX
  • Dozens of helpful web links.
  • Interviews with the top Advergaming producers
  • A comprehensive resource guide on terms, formulas, tips, tools, and techniques for developing Advergames.

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PUB DATE: October 2003
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