ADA Ramp Work Continues - Black Cellulose Added to the Big Room - Dirt Delivered and Leveled

July 11, 2011 - With afternoon temperatures up around 100 degrees each day (that is 10 degrees above normal for this time of year), and no rain in the forecast, we were still able to make some great progress both inside and outside the building this week. We added an additional 115 feet of steel to the ADA ramp, and by the end of the week had reached the second floor. Since the ramp is on the west side of the building, we tried to get most of the work done in the morning, but once the guys get going they don't want to stop.

We got 8 more loads of fill dirt which was needed for some low spots in the front. The dirt had lots of organic material in it (sod) which we removed by hand and planted around the sides of the building. This left clean fill dirt which is just what we need for under the concrete walkways. We had Alfredo Gusman from Goosestone Construction come out to knock down the pile and begin the excavation work on the drive way, and entry ramp.

We also had Jeremy Crow from Crow Construction come out to take out the concrete curb where the new driveway will go. This took about four hours to do because of the re bar and density of the concrete used for the curbs. Next week Jeremy will come back with his crew and install the wooden forms for the walks. With the forms in place, we are hoping to pour concrete on Tuesday or Wednesday. This will be a big job and we have to get it right. We need to make sure everything meets ADA code, and follows good building practice - you don't want to make mistakes when concrete is involved.

This week we also made a trip down to see Vic Tamborella, the owner of VT2 Studios, one of the largest video production firms in the city, and now out of business. VT2 had an amazing facility with a set of gigantic light grids. The bank has taken over the building that VT2 occupied, and Vic had just 2 days to get any of his personal possessions out of the building. The grid was in excellent shape, but it was overkill for our needs. The trip was worth it because we did get some ideas for our studio, and Vic gave us some fire extinguishers that we will need for the building inspection.

The crew from ComforTemp also returned this week to blow black cellulose onto the ceiling of the video production studio. Unlike the cellulose in the walls, this product is dyed black and includes a glue so it can be blown into place without the need of netting or wallboard to keep it there. It will further insulate the room, but more importantly, it will greatly help the quality of the sound by reducing the natural echo you get in a room like this one.

ComforTemp also added black cellulose to an interior edit suite and the sound booth in the Silver Rock space. Next week they will return to add 12 inches of cellulose to the attic space, and we can check insulation off the list. Insulation was one of the things we worried about most at the outset of the project, but we have to thank Paul Adomoli of ComforTemp for the wonderful job he and his crew did for us.

When it really got too hot to work outside, the guys turned their attention to building out the counter-tops in the Silver Rock Kitchen and in units 9 & 10. We also have a plan for the floors in units 1,2,3 and 4 that will allow us to use the Italian ceramic tile we picked up from a builder who went out of business.

Next week we will continue to work on the ADA ramp, and try to get all of the flat work (concrete walks and driveway) done.


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