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The mission of The Woodlands Convention and Visitors Bureau (TWCVB)  is to promote The Woodlands regionally, nationally, and internationally as a premier tourist destination.  They accomplish this by developing quality marketing programs and events to attract visitors and stimulate economic development and growth. In mid-2010, The TWCBV partnered with The Woodlands Resort & Conference Center , Market Street , The Woodlands Mall , The Woodlands Development Company and The Woodlands Marriott to fund the development of a Virtual Photographic Tour of the community.  The South Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, and The Woodlands Film Commission also wanted a site that could be used for scouting and recruiting purposes.


epic software group bid on and was awarded this project. Over a three month period, epic shot 20+ panoramic photos, and created a web site to showcase some of the highlights of the area. Each of the panoramic photos includes up to 5 hot spot areas that pop up items such as web links, photos, video, or graphics.

The web site www.thewoodlandsvirtualtour.com is also hosted by epic.  In addition to the panoramic photos, epic created a video tour of the site featuring Nelda Luce Blair.  In the video Ms. Blair demonstrates how to get the most from the site for those who are new to interactive panoramic photography. Each of these panoramic photos can be found on www.360cities.net a web site designed to bring you the world through the largest and fastest-growing collection of immerse, panoramic images on the web, as well as Google Earth.  


The first panoramic photos for the site were shot in early July, and the site was completed in October, 2010. Promotional news releases generated by TWCVB resulted in a number of articles and feature stories in local and regional publications  In November of 2010, the site was open to any group in The Woodlands that would like to use it to feature a panoramic photo of their company or organization. epic will continue to shoot panoramic photos at various events throughout the year.



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The Woodlands Virtual Tour

The Woodlands Virtual Tour

The Woodlands Virtual Tour