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ASMP Workshop for Photographer’s Assistants

May 24, 2017 - Photographer’s rely on their assistants like surgeons rely on support staff in an operating room. When communication is smooth they work well together and the shoot goes off without a hitch. The results are great and their clients are happy with the photos. The job of the assistant is to make the photographer’s life easier. They do this by setting up and keeping an eye on the gear and helping to solve problems on the set as they arise. While most photo…

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Development of SEO Friendly Page

Google is still the most popular search engine. So, it would not be a bad idea to develop pages following the guidelines from google, but also keeping in mind about other search engines like yahoo, bing etc. For your convenience, I have summarized google starter guide. Please find it helpful. Again, don’t assume this guide is only for developers and programmers. I always keep in mind, “Knowledge enlightens against ignorance.”     Create…

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through my lens.

“Wow, this looks nice and beautiful, and above my expectations”, my client was referring to website that I built for his company. I was glad and joyful for his remarks for my work. But, something else was bugging me all around. I built neat and clean website, but it was visible to very few people. In today’s competitive digital world, web developer would want their completed project visible to most of the world. Also, company would want to visualize their presence, and expand all…

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Summer 2016 Intern - Wei Jin

An internship is very important for anyone wants to work in the creative field. However, the sluggish economy doesn't help college students looking for internships. After many unanswered emails and applications to other companies, I remembered a good friend of mine had a good internship in the previous year which lead to employment at Epic Software Group. So I decided to contact him to see if I could get an internship. To my surprise, I found out they are taking internships every summer! …

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The Epic Creative Co-Op – An Alternative to Traditional Office Space

THE WOODLANDS, Texas,  June 27, 2016 – four years ago, Vic Cherubini, President of the epic software group set out to build a new kind of work environment – a place specifically designed for creators.  Unlike traditional office buildings which can be sterile and uninspiring, he envisioned a structure different from the rest.  The building would be designed around the use of upcycled items including 11 cargo containers, and other environmentally friendly materials. …

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