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“To Buy or To Build” - Heresy or the First Question a Software Developer Should Ask?

The Woodlands, TX - July 08, 2013 - Last month the epic software group celebrated its 23rd year in business. When I launched the company back in 1990, just about any application our clients wanted required us to design and code it from scratch - typically in C or Visual Basic.  Developing software can be time consuming, expensive, and if the project gets completed, the code must be updated and maintained.   Over the years the epic software group has evolved from a hardcore software…

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Photo Shoot In the Eagle Ford Shale Area - Boomtown in Southeast Texas

March 28, 2013 - There is a boom going on in an area of the oil patch known as the Eagle Ford Shale - comprised of 20 counties just south of San Antonio, Texas. We have seen a substantial increase in work at epic because of this boom, and earlier this week I had a chance to go and see it firsthand. I was sent on assignment to photograph a mobile water testing lab on a working drill site about 30 miles east of Cotulla, Texas. While you might think that is the middle of nowhere, you couldn't tell…

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Mauricio Ramirez and Ted Washington make a guest appearance at the Aveda photo shoot

February 27, 2013 - Once a quarter the wonderful people at The Aveda Institute bring over their graduating cosmetology students to the epic studio to participate in a fashion photography shoot. These students show up with a model and a storyboard concept.  They work with a photographer whose job it is to bring their ideas to life in still images. Usually epic handles the photography for these shoots in house, but this time we received a little help from the outside. Our first guest photographer…

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Epic Acid Test - Zach Murfin

February 6, 2013 - My name is Zach, and I’m a new intern for 3D modeling/texturing/etc. The following is my experience working with 3DS Max to apply to the internship and show epic what I could do. When I showed everyone at epic my work on the day of my interview, I was assigned an Acid Test. An Acid Test is basically an assignment given to demonstrate your skills in your area of study.  My Acid Test was to fully texture a factory model I had made. I was new to 3DS Max (I originally…

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Tagging Along with SilverRock at the Schmidt Tools Video Shoot

January 30, 2013 - Willis, Texas - We had a chance to follow SilverRock Studios around while they shot footage for an instructional video for the guys at Schmidt Tools. The video will outline installation instructions for use with their R.I.P. Steady Rest equipment that they manufacture and sell, from their Willis, TX plant. We will be creating the companion web site for the R.I.P. Steady Rest, so our time was spent taking much needed photos, and picking the brains of Schmidt Tool’s…

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