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Special Assignments

From time to time, we may be called on to help create a trade show kiosk, a print ad, a poster or a direct mail piece.  Often times it involves reusing elements from another assignment, which usually saves time and money.

Ad Design

Creating a magazine advertisement that cuts through the clutter requires we first consider the needs and desires of the audience of the magazine. Is the purpose of the ad Brand Awareness, or are you looking for some kind of response from the reader?  As we conceive the ad, we need to consider what is the most important attribute of the product or service for this specific reader. We think about the biggest problem this person has, and how our product will help solve that problem. We are interested more in what this product/service does, and not just what the product is.  We pay careful attention to the headline, the copy and the illustrations or photos that will be used to make up the ad.  The design of the ad will help direct the reader's eye, help them quickly understand the offer, and get them to take action.

Kiosk Design

Corporate Kiosks are used today to allow customers to interact with product or sales information. They are most often used at trade shows, at retail locations or in corporate lobbies. We begin by meeting with the client and examining the location, form, application, as well as deciding on the hardware and software to be used for this specific kiosk. Armed with this research, we create a design specification, user interface, and develop a flow chart which serves as a blueprint for the project. We then build the application. Ergonomic evaluation and controlled usability testing prior to launch helps to insure the kiosk is perfect for the client's installation.