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The Produced Water Society is a collection of engineers and industry professionals with the common purpose to study and improve the separation, treatment, and analysis of Offshore and Onshore Produced Water.  Their goal is to meet the discharge and reinjection requirements of the industry and the environment.

The organization meets every January for its annual conference. Supplementary meetings are held during the year to further improve the Produced Water Society's goals and communicate both new ideas and the change in the laws that are issued concerning produced water.

The Produced Water Society came to epic for help in developing a new organization logo and mark.  The organization also needed a new web site, and help in providing all of the technical papers given at their annual meetings from 1991 to the present.

  • Working with their Board of Directors, epic created a new logo and mark for the organization.
  • epic designed and developed the organizations web site, which uses a Content Management System (CMS) architecture.  This allows the Board to update the web site without the need to return to epic.
  • Assisted with the development of the organization's print collateral and online registration forms.
  • Scanned and Digitized over 500 technical papers that had been presented to the organization at their annual meetings since 1990.  This DVD allows the viewer to search across all documents to find very specific information. epic updates this DVD on an annual basis.
  • Hosting and ongoing maintenance of the site.
  • The site was created in 2003 and continues to serve as the main communications platform for the organization.
  • The organization has grown substantially since the release of the web site and DVD.

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Produced Water Society

Produced Water Society

Produced Water Society

Produced Water Society