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Panoramic photography has been around for a long time, but at epic, we have taken it to a whole new level. Now, you can experience high resolution full screen panoramic images for a viewing experience that is the next best thing to being there. To make the environment even more interesting, we can add interactive elements such as web links, photos, video, 3D graphics, music and animations. Below are several examples of what we call Interactive Immersive Photography so you can experience this amazing technology first hand.
Just click on an image to launch a panorama. At the bottom of the screen you a series of icons. Click the double rectangle , to enlarge to full screen. Then, click and drag your mouse to move around the panorama, and your scroll wheel to move in and out. As you move around the screen, you may notice the cursor changing from an arrow to a hand. When that happens you have found a "hot spot". Click on it to reveal interactive elements (a photo, video, or graphic for example).

The Woodlands Waterway

The Woodlands Waterway at night is a wonderful place. The reflections on the water from the lighting and architecture make it a visual delight. This pano is one from a series taken early in 2010 on a clear, moonless night. In this pano, zoom in to see everything from the stars in the sky to a cigarette butt on the sidewalk. Our goal for 2010 is to produce a fully interactive map of The Woodlands with the key points of interest along with the shops, restaurants and retail stores that should be on the list of anyone that visits the community. (File size: 23MB)


KACI Construction Company recently completed a major reconstruction project for their client The Burlington Coat Factory. Epic software created several interior shots of the store to help prospective clients get a better understanding of the scope of the work involved in the rebuild. (File size:21MB)

Titan Truck Interior

Titan Truck Interior - Panoramic photography can also be used in tight spaces - in this case the inside of a truck. Epic has developed the special tools and techniques that enable us to shoot in cramped quarters. Click on the radio to hear a local Houston station, or one of the other interactive elements to see the Blue Magic Products used to keep this interior looking great.
Floor Carpet Stain Spot Lifter
Windshield - left Glass Cleaner Disposable Towelette
Windshield - right Interior Glass Cleaner
Mirror Rain Vision Rain Repellent
Back Seat Leather Leather Cream Conditioner
(File Size: 25MB)


Welcome to Landry’s, The Woodlands, Texas. This interactive pano will have your mouth watering and hankering for some of the finest seafood in the south. On the front door you will find three hot spots. You can click to visit their web site, get discount coupons or see a map to the restaurant. (File size:22MB).

The Cave

Welcome to "the CAVE" at the epic software studio. This interior panoramic photo was created as part of a two room tour. You can launch an interactive version of the tour by clicking here. In the tour, be sure to move from the CAVE to the conference room where you will find a working wall clock (displaying the actual time), our demo video (on the big screen TV), an animation showing the production process (click on the white board), and a brochure (on the table top) you can click and enlarge to view. (File Size:2MB)

Green screen video production studio

Epic green screen video production studio - in 2010 epic will break ground on a new video production studio directly behind our current building. We will be calling it the "Creative Co-Op" because we will be subleasing out several units of the building to allied creative companies. Some of our prospective tenants asked us what the interior is going to look like, so we created a virtual version of the studio in a panoramic format. (File size:11MB)

The Blue Dolphin Virtual Tour

The Blue Dolphin™ Virtual Tour. When BJ Services needed a way to showcase the world’s largest offshore stimulation vessel, they called on epic to create a virtual tour of the ship. 10 interior and exterior panoramas were shot, and hot spots for each area of the ship were added so customers could have a better understanding what makes this work boat really unique. The complete virtual tour was shown to BJ Service clients at the 2010 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, and a limited version is available on their web site for the general public here. (File size: 6MB)

CGI Example

High Resolution Panoramic images are not limited to photographs. In this example, we have taken a number of 3D models from a long term client (copyright 2009, CB&I), and added them together to create a virtual refinery joined by a common pipe rack. This file is very large, so it may take a minute to load. It is worth the wait as you can zoom in and see a level of detail that is simply amazing. So even if we can’t photograph your environment, we can always create a 3D virtual version you can explore from any computer connected to the internet. (File size:30MB).