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Web Sites and Application Services

For most businesses, more people will visit their web site than will ever physically go to their business location. Having a web site that reflects who you are, and communicates information about your products and services, is critical to the success of your business. Developing an effective, easy-to-use web site, requires careful planning and design. We will help you determine the most important components to include on your web site.

Some sites require a simple "tune up," while others may need major surgery, or a completely new design. For some, a Flash animation or some new content will boost traffic.  Maybe you need help getting your site positioned higher in a search engine. These are the kinds of service we offer our web clients.

At epic, most of our corporate web sites are built using Expression Engine. This powerful web application tool allows for compete content management by the client. Using a simple word processing program built into the application, even someone with no web development skills can add and edit content without the need to return to epic for routine changes.

In 2006, epic began offering web hosting services to our clients.  We offer several hosting options depending on your needs. We have our own servers as well as dedicated servers we use to manage the sites we build. 

Our Web Sites and Applications Services Include:

  • Web Site Design
  • Web Site Development
  • Creative Strategy
  • Programming
  • Website Maintenance
  • Application Development
  • Content Managed Solutions (Expression Engine)
  • Web and Banner Advertisements
  • Video Conversation for the Web
  • Interactive Games (Advergames)
  • Testing
  • Web Site Hosting

As web developers we are, in essence, problem solvers. To do an effective job, we must first understand the problem we are trying to solve. We do this by helping our clients define the problem up front before any development begins on the site. Trying to build a site without going through this first step ALWAYS results in delays, cost overruns and frustration on everyone's part. We begin with a questionnaire that allows us to define the problem, determine the assets available (photos, copy, graphics, video, animation, etc) as well as the resources needed to bring these ideas to life online.

The first step in any web site design (or redesign) is to develop a formal list of objectives and an action plan to achieve them.  Use this handy questionnaire to help you in your planning process.

Click here to view our Web Site Questionnaire or Download a version you can edit as you like.


Web Sites and Application Services Web Sites and Application Services