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Game Design

Interactive video games are a great way to call attention to your product or service and drive targeted traffic to your web site. Our specialty in the world of video games are known as Advergames. These marketing tools are designed to promote brands, corporate identities and engage the viewer in the advertising and marketing messages. Our book - "The Advergaming Developer's Guide" (Charles River Media - 2004) describes how these games can be used to advertise and promote a brand, a product or an organization's viewpoint.

According to the Yankee Group (a Boston research firm), the advergame industry is expected to generate $212.2 million by 2009, up from $83.6 million in 2004.  As long as an advergame is fun to play and done in good taste, it will improve the brand image and bring awareness of the product or company to the masses who play it. 

Could a game be used to promote your product, company or cause? You bet - call us to see how.