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When it comes to keeping it clean, BlueMagic has been dedicated to professional quality since 1959. BlueMagic, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of specialty chemical products (cleaners, polishes, air fresheners, adhesives, and sealants) sold under the BlueMagic®, PURE CITRUS®, and CarGo® brand names. Founded as CarGo Chemical Company, the company purchased BlueMagic, Inc. in 2002 and began operating under that name. The Pure Citrus brand of all-natural air fresheners was added to the line-up in 2005 with the purchase of North American Oil Company.

In 2008, BlueMagic contacted epic to help them redesign and develop their web site.  The objective was to provide detailed information on the 50 products that could be updated and edited by BlueMagic.

  • epic software group began with a comprehensive review of all of the products in the BlueMagic line.
  • Since the line was being rationalized, the flow chart for this project required a number of iterations to get it just right.
  • BlueMagic provided epic with a variety of sales and technical information, photographs, video, and other items from the company archives.
  • epic worked over the next two months to digitize these assets and make them uniform for use on their new web site.
  • epic also created a new video for the company to demonstrate their Carpet Cleaner product in action.
  • epic created a powerful search feature to help site visitors quickly find the information needed.
  • epic did a studio photography shoot and an on-location shoot featuring the new packaging design of their car care products
  • The BlueMagic web site now provides consumers and resellers with sales and technical information including MSDS sheets and product photos on all 50 products.
  • The new site reduced the amount of "Brand Confusion" inherent with acquisitions across several companies.
  • Provided a venue for news on new product releases and trade show participation.
  • Created a Photo Gallery that includes photos of their products in action submitted by happy customers.
  • epic provides hosting and ongoing maintenance of the site.

We are extremely pleased with the work epic software did to create BlueMagicUSA.com They helped guide us through what seemed, at first, to be an impossible task with constant communication and progress reports every step of the way. With epic software, there are no surprises and you are sure to be on budget. I would recommend them to any size company. They listen and they deliver.

J. Schnell, Marketing Director


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BlueMagic USA

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